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Interim management: more than a match with the job description

How to recognize a great manager

“To start at AUSY Interim management, you need to be self-employed, and you need to have at least 10 years of experience at 3 different companies,” Jacqueline Demaeght tells us. “Thanks to this extensive experience, our managers possess reflexes that are indispensable to define and explain problems.”

Furthermore, the requirement to have experience at multiple companies has a good reason as well. Jacqueline Demaeght: “We make sure managers aren’t tempted to take 1 solution and export this from one company to another. A great manager that has worked for different organizations or companies, knows that the tactics that work perfectly well in company X, might just complicate the situation even more in company Y.”

Finally, Jacqueline Demaeght also marks availability as an important qualification: “We don’t want to take interim managers away from one company to place them in another. We take our time to decide who can start a new project at what time.”

Interim management: personality is important

Companies need an interim manager in at least 5 different situations. During a crisis, for projects (where the organization itself does not have enough time or knowledge), during a change or a transition - but Jacqueline Demaeght immediately nuances this: “Each situation is unique”.

The challenge determines which profile is needed. Jacqueline Demaeght clarifies this with some examples. “A crisis manager has to be able to make quick decisions. For projects, on the other hand, you need good planners with a strategic mindset. A change needs a totally different profile. Someone who is good at convincing others, that can help people evolve from a specific type of behavior or process to another. An analytical mind and a diplomatic approach are also a must with transitions and transformations.

Finally, most interim managers also possess a lot of technical baggage. And yet, Jacqueline Demaeght says, it is always their management experience that’s most important to us.

Are you the interim manager that we are looking for?

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