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You have several years’ management experience under your belt and are ready for a new challenge. What now? Have you ever considered starting a career as an Interim Manager? We’ll be happy to launch you on your way!

Are you the ideal candidate?

Regulations and business environment

  • You want to work as a freelancer and are particularly interested in the job flexibility this brings with it.
  • Working in different regions is no problem.
  • You feel especially at home in organisations undergoing change. You’re also good at dealing with complex business situations quickly.

Level and experience

  • You’ve been working for at least 15 years, including sufficient experience in a management or C-level position.
  • You’ve worked for at least three different companies, preferably including two different types of company (SME, start-up, corporate) and three different sectors.
  • It’s an advantage if you’ve worked in both a national and international environment.

Education and training

  • You have at least a master’s degree, supplemented by extra training or education, such as an MBA.

  • You have experience and training in project management methodssuch as Prince2, Mbok and Scrum.

  • You’ve followed the necessary training in terms of leadership, people management and coaching.

Ambition and soft skills

  • You look forward to sharing your expertise with others. 

  • You interact in the right way at every level (operational, management, advisory board). 

  • You’re a valuable sparring partner and know better than anyone how to challenge the business. 

  • You combine strategic insights with operational implementation.

Which are your areas of expertise?

Transition management

As an interim manager, you safeguard business continuity until the new manager starts. This means you can for example take over from senior executives, board members or the CEO.

Project management

You effortlessly bring any challenging project to a successful conclusion. What kind of projects can they be?

  • Reorganising departments or business units
  • Supervising the integration following a takeover 
  • Implementing change or transition strategies and leading change management projects
  • Ensuring regional, national and international expansions run smoothly
  • Helping start-ups boom in the market

Expertise assignments

You help companies advance thanks to your specialist knowledge and experience. You can for example implement a new ERP or variable reward system, or take the lead in mergers and takeovers.

Crisis and change management

Whether it’s a restructuring, closure, downsizing or new direction: you prepare people and departments for the future!

How does the process work?

  1. We get to know each other and create your profile. Then you join our (LinkedIn) Interim Manager Community.
  2. Have we found you an interesting project? Then there’ll be a introductory meeting with partners from AUSY Interim Management, including a more comprehensive assessment.
  3. We then propose you to the customer.
  4. Is it a good match? You start working with the customer! You can count on personal supervision and monitoring throughout the entire project. 
  5. After the end of the project we conduct a follow-up evaluation. You rejoin our (LinkedIn) Interim Manager Community.

Want to find out how this works in practice? Read Michel’s story to see how he raised customer care at Immoweb to a higher level. 

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