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Leading your company into a new era.

What’s next?

You should be asking yourself that question all the time.

If you want to keep up with the quickly changing market, you must be one step ahead of everything and everyone. In other words, you must know what you will need tomorrow.

Easier said than done. How do you keep track of the latest trends? How do you develop new services and products that add value? And how do you ensure that your internal processes are ready so that your organisation can achieve its objectives?

Well, our Solution Factory wants to provide answers for all these challenges and questions. We start experimenting together with you, and we allow ideas to grow into a successful final result.

small vegetable garden

Kitchen garden

We perform experiments on a small scale.

large vegetable garden


Ideas with a chance of success? We allow them to grow and test them in different markets.


Delivery Factory

Solutions that can be scaled successfully are implemented as quickly as possible.

How do we get started together?

CxO as a service

Our in-house Office of the CxO helps you to optimise your business processes. How? By meeting with the right stakeholders and selecting the best tools and technologies.

Recruitment Boost Program

If you want to attract the right candidates, you cannot separate the terms ‘marketing’ and ‘recruitment’.

Solution Discovery Jam

Do you lack focus and find it difficult to obtain fresh insights that answer your problem? Bring your team together for a supervised brainstorming session!

Design Sprints

Is your product, feature or solution valuable or not? You go from defining your problem or idea to working out a tangible solution in four days.

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Bert Ceuppens

Business Development Manager
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