Recruitment & Selection

You probably already know that just posting a vacancy is not enough to bind a talented new employee to your company in a permanent position. It is essential to set up a successful recruitment and selection process. To do this, you need enough time, the right tools and the right knowledge.

If this is where the snag lies, we are here to help you.

How we work

First and foremost we go through an extensive preparatory phase. Not just with HR, but often also with someone from that professional area.

We want to make absolutely sure that there is a match between our candidate’s expectations and ambitions and the actual reality in the workplace. Before we get to work, we examine every aspect:

  • We scrutinise the job description and then produce an attractive job vacancy text
  • We immerse ourselves in your company culture.
  • We make sure that we have a clear view of both the current and future challenges facing your company.
  • Not until we have gained a clear overview of all this, will our recruiters use their network and knowledge of the employment market to find the right candidate for you.

Tailor-made recruitment and selection

We use channels tailored to the candidate’s profile and search in places that others overlook. For example, we are active on blogs and fora and attend events. In other words, we immerse ourselves in the world of potential candidates and follow their activities.

By doing so, we have developed an extensive network. This approach works, as traditional job channels are no longer enough to get all suitable candidates interested in a new challenge. 

But what happens after we have found your perfect candidate? Even after your new employee starts work, we will continue to keep a close eye on things. We guarantee a smooth entry into the work place and careful follow-up.

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