IT Nearshoring

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Do you need extra IT resources? Make use of our IT experts from different European countries.

High-level technological skills and flexible capacity

Do you want to extend your existing IT-team or IT-services while still guaranteeing the best quality? Our nearshore teams are familiar with the latest technological skills and can guarantee the necessary capacity and scalability. AUSY ensures a personal approach, on- or offsite, by appointing dedicated client teams and eliminating the language barrier.

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Web development

We tackle your web project from A to Z, from analysis to development and support. Do you want to complete the entire project through nearshoring? Or do you still want to ensure for example the support via our colleagues in Belgium? Everything is possible!

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Application development

Whether we have to continue building on your existing application, or start from scratch: we will provide the perfect application based on your goals ánd the needs of your target audience.

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Hunting down software bugs? Our QA engineers make sure your software works perfectly. That’s how we guarantee a great user experience!

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Our IT consultants assist your current team. With their up-to-date knowledge and fresh perspective, they will help you finish your project successfully.

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Case: innovative car architecture

The evolution of car electronics moves at the speed of light. Our multiple European teams love to contribute to this evolution. We put together a scalable front and back office team from different countries.

Our international experts work together on the latest developments in the automotive sector.

Their projects go from the implementation of on-board and off-board testing scenarios to bench testing and the development of a middleware layer that makes sure the vehicle can collect data from other cars or even smart cities.


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Different nearshore locations

Our European teams work for you and meet your specific needs. No language barrier, barely any time difference. Guaranteed AUSY quality.

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On- and offsite

We want your project to run as smoothly as possible. No set-up is impossible: do you want our teams to work onsite with you, or do you want everything to happen offsite?

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Flexible capacity for expansion

We employ highly educated professionals in a flexible way. They know how to adapt to changes quickly - a must! We never lose sight of your quality standards. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we will keep in mind the existing structures and have no problem taking over your current way of working.

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Latest trends

Education is key at our nearshore locations. The countries have partnerships with different universities. This way, we can guarantee that the students are well-prepared once they graduate and are familiar with the latest trends and developments.

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