Working as an Accountant at top companies

Do you have experience from A to Y in accounting and are you looking to grow it to the full A to Z? Or are you a specialist in accounts payable wanting to share your knowledge? Together we shape your career!

How do we approach that?

You discuss your wildest career dreams with our recruiters and account managers. They will seek out a consultancy project for you that matches your expectations and strengths

You can start at various companies in different sectors. After all, we have an attractive network of multinationals and leading companies that are looking for dedicated financial top talent like yours. Van Moer, Janssen Pharmaceutica and Telenet are just a few companies from our customer portfolio where you can fully put your talents to use as a consultant.

Working as a consultant at AUSY: here's how it works.

In which job roles can you get started straightaway?

  • Accounts Payable Accountant / Supplier bookkeeper
  • Accounts Receivable Accountant / Debtors manager
  • Accountant A-Y / Assistant bookkeeper
  • Accountant A-Z / Bookkeeper
  • General Ledger Accountant
  • Chief accountant / Head bookkeeper
  • Accounting Manager
  • VAT specialist

Continuous development assured

Even after we have found the perfect project for you, we will continue to follow you up. Via our Learning & Competence Centre you keep your knowledge up-to-date. In this way you keep your competencies sharp and can put them to use for our customers. 

Did you know that we can also offer you jobs where you will be permanently employed by the customer itself? Find out everything there is to know about our approach to permanent recruitment!