Manage innovative logistics processes

Automated warehouses, self-driving lorries that pick up and transport goods or drones that deliver packages...It is clear that innovation and digitisation are central to today's logistics processes.

How do you get goods, people and information from point A to B in a quick and efficient way, without losing sight of the sustainability of your approach? You’re happy to rack your brains over it!

Whether as a Supply Chain Manager, Planning Engineer or Warehouse Manager: with your specific expertise you contribute as a consultant to organising and planning the logistics process for one of our customers. 

Getting to work as a consultant: here's how it works.

Our account managers and recruiters help build your career step by step. Based on your strengths and ambitions, they will find a project for you where you can develop even more. If you need extra training along the way, our Learning and Development Centre will get you started.

Did you know that we can also offer you jobs where you will be permanently employed by the customer itself? Find out everything there is to know about our approach to permanent recruitment!