CxO as a service

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Continuing to grow in tomorrow’s world.

CxO as a service means using tools and technologies to optimise your current business flow to ensure your growth margin.

Thus, digital transformation. 

Why is that important? Think about it. I’m sure you can think of a number of things that are not very efficient right now. Your administrative processes are far too slow and error-prone. Or Excel has been drained for complex data storage and analysis. And who knows? You may even need a separate login for (literally) every application you want to use.

Is it already giving you the creeps? It’s sure giving us the creeps.

In a world where change is the only constant, it is important to find your place in the digital age. This brings a lot of advantages in different areas with it! And those benefits go beyond mere cost reduction. 

The advantages at a glance


You get in touch with your customers in a different way and pay more attention to customer service. So a high level of customer satisfaction is practically guaranteed.


Your employees are also satisfied. Not only do they no longer lose time due to cumbersome processes, but they also improve their skill set thanks to the new tools and technologies.


Data collection and analysis will become even simpler. This lets you make informed (proactive) decisions that benefit your business strategy.


The time when you only offer your services offline is over. If you jump on the digital bandwagon, you can easily digitise your services.

‘Start Small’ Approach: an approach adapted to your pace and needs

We don’t just blindly follow trends! We developed our own approach, completely tailored to your needs with the necessary attention to change management.

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Exploratory analysis

We want to meet with the brightest minds in your company who know the most about your business processes. Why? To develop a clear impact/effort analysis.

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Deep dive

Once we have determined the priorities, we enter into targeted discussions with the various stakeholders. This way, our solution architects have all the information they need to fully work out your business case.

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Our own in-house Office of the CxO will get to work. We have the right expert for every solution: from data engineers and data & BI architects to automation engineers, developers, and process engineers. We will keep a close eye on things via regular status meetings.

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Of course, your business doesn’t stand still! Whatever direction you grow in, we grow with you. We innovate together by combining knowledge. As a true partner, we ensure that your solution, and therefore your investment, remain successful in the long term.

Tools and technologies: what solutions do we offer?

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA software automates repetitive, rules-based tasks. For example, are new colleagues starting up on a very regular basis? RPA can partly automate the onboarding process, for example, by filling in certain administrative forms automatically on the basis of the CV or by scheduling training courses.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI allows machines to perceive, understand, act, and learn just like people. Therefore, AI can automatically and independently make decisions or make predictions based on human input. From a chatbot answering customers’ questions to a prediction of which sales leads will convert: Al is here for you. 

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Application Programming Interface (API)

An API ensures that systems communicate with each other. Therefore, information can be automatically retrieved from one system and then passed on to the other. For example, it can create and send invoices, or make stock management more efficient!

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Customised code’ is the easiest way to define a script. That code can automate monotonous tasks and link applications. This includes things like the immediate and automatic generation of expense reports from receipts in the mailbox.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

With BI, you collect and process large amounts of data that are present across different business processes. So it’s so possible to automate the entire reporting process. This gives you access to real-time sales data, leave and absenteeism figures, or the results of your marketing campaigns, for example.

Business cases

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Process invoices automatically – and faster

How can the processing of supplier invoices be automated? Our in-house Office of the CxO looked into that question.

First of all, the team set up a centralised mailbox, where all invoices are sent. The validation flow was further shaped using OCR (optical character recognition, in which data can be recognised from a textual image). Link all that to the right accountancy software, and you get a way of working that is significantly faster, more accurate, and more transparent.

Let recruiters find the right candidates faster

Recruitment departments do everything they can to find the right candidates. How can we expand their candidate network so that they can find the perfect candidate faster? By working with external recruitment partners.

But, um, how do we keep it as efficient as possible? A centralised platform for supplier management proved to be the answer. Everything is largely automated and can be managed by just one colleague. Applications automatically arrive on the platform, just like the available candidates from our suppliers. Fast, clear, and efficient? Absolutely!

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RPA Glossary

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, has been a hot topic for a while now. It's fully integrated into our society. RPA helps companies in their search for cost reduction, scalability and accuracy. At the same time, it gives employees more time to focus on innovation and growth, since they don't have to spend any more energy on tasks that software robots can fulfil automatically, quickly and perfectly. Isn't that like music to your ears? We think so, at least!

But how do you integrate RPA into your company? Where do you start? We understand that technical terms such as Attended RPA bots, Business Process Automation, Intelligent Processing ... often make it hard to keep an overview of the actual meaning of RPA. That's why we've created a glossary in which we sum up the most common terms in RPA and their meaning. We're pretty confident that you can make a head start by reading this glossary!

Contact us!

There’s a lot involved in getting your business fully on track in the digital age. You not only need to map out your processes, but you also have to choose and implement the right software, tools, and technologies. Our in-house Office of the CxO will be happy to help you from start to finish! Let’s get acquainted!

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