Future-proof technical ecosystem to help Telenet deal with mergers

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An array of hardware required a future-proof solution that could connect with all of the necessary applications.

Our challenge

Due to a series of mergers, Telenet now owns a range of hardware (set-top boxes) and applications. To be able to deal with mergers in the future, a flexible technical landscape is an absolute must.  

Our solution

We created a fully technical ecosystem consisting of several relatively small service applications that perform specific tasks. This includes, for example, an Electronic Programming Guide that enables all boxes to programme recordings. There are also applications for counting and reporting VOD use, the TV Provisioning application and a Diagnostic Service for video network monitoring.

The results

The result is a future-proof solution that is a perfect match for all applications required within this mixed landscape. All applications support a unique content model, so that Telenet can meet all the necessary criteria. 

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