The new AUSY: harder, better, faster, stronger

Harder, better, faster, stronger refers to more than just the Daft Punk lyrics. Will we stand out even more from now on? Ab-so-lute-ly! What opportunities and challenges await AUSY?       

Since July 2018, Randstad Professionals and AUSY Belgium have officially joined forces as AUSY, a Randstad company. The new AUSY is resolutely opting for a full-service approach in 6 fields of expertise: Finance, IT, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Life Sciences and Engineering.

We pulled on the sleeves of a few busy colleagues to gauge their vision of this ambitious integration.

AUSY as a 'one-stop shop'

Fabio, IT Recruitment & Selection Delivery Manager: “Thanks to the integration, we have a strong and unique USP for our clients. We're a one-stop shop with knowledge in each of our 6 fields of expertise. For every problem, we'll find a tailor-made solution.”

“We see ourselves in the future as even more of a permanent partner for companies. They will approach us for total reorganisations that will engage all of our service lines. We train employees, fill gaps in teams and ensure the right mix of internal and external experts.”

The key is to provide customer relief

Christophe, Dedicated Client Solutions Business Manager: “Particularly in consultancy and recruitment & selection, the market is highly fragmented. I predict there will definitely be a wave of consolidation in the sector. It's good that Randstad is an industry leader in this. The holding company acquired AUSY Group in 2017; however, the integration of Randstad Professionals, Tempo Team Professionals and AUSY Belgium also offers new opportunities for our clients.”

“We're significantly expanding the services we provide to our customers. Besides consultancy and recruitment & selection, we'll focus even more on managed services and solutions - not just in engineering or IT, but in all our fields of expertise.”

This expansion is in line with the changing demands of the customers, according to Christophe: “We notice that they no longer require only individual consultants, but rather a team of specialists that implements and supports projects.”

“This is how we relieve the customer and, more than ever, we're the best partner for any company.”

Offering diverse expertise is unique

David, Finance Business Manager: “I view the integration very positively. I'm convinced that, from now on, we'll be able to profile ourselves even better to the outside world. Today, companies prefer to have one permanent partner that satisfies all their needs, rather than various suppliers. I firmly believe that AUSY can establish that identity and fully exploit the diversity of our expertise.”

“Thanks to the new structure, we can also be more agile. We can put our heads together rapidly in order to understand the needs of clients inside and out. This only benefits our clients!”

“I'm thinking, for example, about the bond of trust that we build up this way. And let trust become just as important within Finance as it is for steadfast, long-term relationships. So we're absolutely standing even stronger today!”

Talent solutions that limit business risks

Dennis, Life Sciences Business Manager: “There has never been as much demand for talent in life sciences as there is today. Ever more freelancers are active, support services are increasingly working remotely or from home and vacancies for critical positions are open for longer and longer periods. The constant waves of M&As (mergers and acquisitions) create a sense of instability and lead to a less positive employer brand.”

“Within this rapidly changing context, our clients are looking for ways to produce and distribute their products more efficiently and effectively. They are increasingly integrating parts of their value chain with reliable partners. This can range from lab services to warehousing or managing the data generated by patients, doctors and pharmacists.”

“Within Life Sciences, we're building innovative and sustainable talent solutions. The result? Limiting the business risks associated with not having the right number, the right type and the right quality of talent. This allows our clients to focus, care-free, on achieving their core strategy.”


Profit from our expertise

Do you recognise yourself in the solid dose of entrepreneurship that we promote as a multi-specialist? Let's work together to lay the foundation for a stable, long-term relationship.

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