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Team leader at a prominent pharma company: contribute to a healthier world via clinical studies

Clinical studies are at the heart of this leading pharmaceutical company. New medicines are tested on healthy subjects and patients to see exactly how they affect normal and sick bodies. There’s a whole team dedicated to finding and supervising test subjects. At the head of this team: AUSY consultant, Anand.

He gained his master’s in nursing from his homeland India, and has spent several years working in the medical sector in lots of different countries. This is his first job in Belgium. Anand is proud of his job as team leader and happy to share his experiences. 

Recruiting volunteers for clinical studies

Anand realises that his team has an important task: ‘It's a noble profession. We take care of innovations that extend lives and will help rid the world of diseases – not immediately, but very possibly in the future.’ 

They do this specifically by recruiting volunteers for clinical studies: both poorly and healthy people. The people working for Anand first perform a screening selection by phone – mainly for the healthy participants – where they are asked lots of medical questions. One of these phone interviews can easily last an hour per volunteer.

Anand divides the appointments among his team, checks the results of the telephone screening interviews, and passes them on to the doctors. Then the healthy volunteers come to visit for a full medical examination. Anand’s team checks them in, gets them ready, and arranges all the paperwork.  

Grown into a real people manager

Anand originally only had six people under him, including nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists. After just four months, his team was expanded and he was given added responsibilities. ‘I found the people management a real challenge to begin with,’ says Anand.

‘But AUSY prepared me well; they took me on in plenty of time before I could start working for this pharmaceutical company, and filled these extra days with online training courses to sharpen up my management skills. Aurélie, my coach at AUSY, understood perfectly well what my job would entail and how I could best prepare for it. Now I enjoy having such close contact with so many different people every day.’ 

Anand also needs to work closely with other departments for protocols and research, which gives him great job satisfaction.

Good supervision at AUSY

And the collaboration with AUSY? That also runs very smoothly. Anand thinks he has lots to be grateful to his AUSY coach for. She doesn’t just have the necessary medical knowledge to help consultants and clients in Life Sciences, but has also supported him on a personal level: ‘She believed in me and has given me incredible support.’ 


Is it your turn now?

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