When colleagues become friends: Mike and Thomas about their bromance

Mike and Thomas met each other while working at our headquarters in Heverlee. Mike is a consultant in our Drupal team. Thomas is our Business Process Officer. When he started at AUSY as an intern, he didn’t know anyone. Mike took him under his wing and introduced him to the Drupal team. The beginning of a beautiful bromance.

About first impressions and working out together

Thomas: “When I first met Mike, I was relieved to see someone close to my age in the office. We got to talking and I immediately noticed that he is not your typical nerdy IT’er. I knew right away that we would be friends.”

“You get to know each other fairly quickly in an office environment: you get lunch together, you make some lame jokes, and there you go. It also helps that we have an open floor plan at the office. If you work on the same floor, you see each other every day. Even if you’re not on the same team,” says Mike.

Working out together is something that we always encourage here at AUSY. Mike and Thomas are very motivated. Thomas: “I started an indoor football team. Now we play every week, with some other colleagues. Best team building ever!”

“True, and we won’t discuss that one time that we played squash together and I was so much better than you…”, Mike laughs.

Mike and Thomas laughing


A good colleague is worth more than a distant friend

Thomas: “Being friends with your colleagues makes life easier. In the end, you spend more time at work than with your friends, or even with your partner.” Mike agrees: “I’d rather not spend 8 full hours stuck at my desk. It’s nice to be able to have some fun with your colleagues during your breaks. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Thomas and I often go for a walk around the block. It’s even better when those moments turn into friendship!”

This is clearly the case for Mike and Thomas. They often meet outside of office hours. “We’ve been to Rock Werchter,” Mike tells us. “And afterwards I brought Thomas home safe and sound.” Thomas adds: “We’re also planning a trip to Amsterdam. Some other colleagues want to join in as well. Fun!”

Mike: “Maybe we could also go on a double date with our girlfriends!”

Enough distance

Thomas: “I think the secret to our friendship is not working in the same team. We have fun, but we don’t influence each other’s work. Things would be different if we actually worked together. We would probably disagree often.”

Mike concurs: “And if we get tired of each other, there’s still a meeting room between our desks… ;-) But we speak on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t want to work on different floors.”

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