Why you should do an internship in la douce France

Important: during the school year 2020-2021 it will unfortunately not be possible to do an internship abroad. Would you like to discuss other internship possibilities? Let us know via and we will create a great experience for you!


Ah, la douce France! The warm climate, picturesque landscapes, good food and… the AUSY Innovation Center in Nice and Toulouse! As IT expert, you can contribute to these centers in 2 ways:

  • If you’ve recently graduated, you can participate in our young potential program Start IT Up
  • If you’re still studying, you can do an internship in these centers

Sam and Arno already know that this internship abroad is a unique experience. They applied for our young potential program and went to the Innovation Center in Toulouse.

We followed Sam and Arno in their foreign adventures. In this video, you will get to know them and see how they lived as gods in France.

Would you like to hear the whole story? Sam and Arno would love to tell you all about their adventures!

First things first: additional training

Sam and Arno found out about Start IT Up through a job fair at their school. A foreign internship immediately got their attention, but that wasn’t the only thing that made them decide to apply for the program.

Arno: “After my studies in Multimedia and Communication technology at the Erasmushogeschool, I didn’t know what to do next: should I start looking for a job, or did I want to study some more? The young potential program is the best of both worlds: at first I would follow some additional trainings, and then I would gradually discover the working life.”

Sam also thinks the trainings at the start of the program have an added value: “I have learned so much about JodeJS, html and JavaScript… The guidance is great!”

Android application for automatic cars

Sam: “I was very much looking forward to the foreign internship. Living in another country for a month and working with a new team: such a challenge! Apart from this, I was also very impressed by the projects being done by the Innovation Center.”


Sam achter computer

Arno: “It’s great to get to cooperate on all those cool projects. I contributed to an application that generates a dynamic resume for consultants, based on personal data, projects, certificates and so on.

“The entire project was done in Java EE, and everything was programmed in Eclipse. Furthermore, the team works according to the Agile methodology,” Arno adds.

Sam, on the other hand, contributed to an Android application for automatic cars: “Someone that’s in the automatic car, will be monitored with their smartwatch. If their heartbeat or blood pressure suddenly rises or falls, the system will automatically warn the doctor.”

A l’aise: different (working) mentality in France

Sam adds: “Our lunch break often takes a little longer than it does in Belgium, which is typical for the southern mentality. A nice extra: at noon you can always find some food trucks on the square in front of the office. Great if you want to eat something else than sandwiches!”

“Besides, the colleagues in Toulouse are very friendly and helpful. They really took care of us during our first days here - from help with the bus stations to tips for great restaurants.”


Sam en Arno in het centrum van Toulouse

Sam: “Toulouse is a very nice and cozy city. There are many subways and busses that take you where you need to go. It only takes us 15 minutes to reach the city center from our apartment.” 

Arno: “During the weekends, we explored the city. It gave us a real holiday feeling!”

Time for real life as an IT consultant

It’s obvious that the boys did not have time to be homesick! Meanwhile, Sam and Arno have started the next stage of Start IT Up. Sam started working for Telenet and Arno made his first steps at Inovim. Would you like to know how they are doing right now? You can expect an update very soon!

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