Stefanie was made to be Customer Proxy

If you’re willing to go from Antwerp to Louvain every day, you have to have a job that’s worth it. Time to ask Jack of all trades Stefanie what makes her job so great.

Stefanie: “I studied Japanology. About 10 years ago, I wanted to make a fansite for a Japanese band. That’s how I discovered the world of web design. Today, I work as Customer Proxy for AUSY Solutions, and I’m very proud of that!”

“When people hear that title, they often don’t know what it entails. I do everything and nothing, and that’s what makes my job so great!”

“I go where help is needed.”

Stefanie describes herself as a Jack of all trades, so this job seems perfect for her. Some of her daily tasks are:

  • Testing (Drupal)sites
  • Webmastering 
  • Giving Drupal trainings
  • Making analyses
  • Communicating with the client and the team
  • Helping the project manager where necessary

Figure it out!

Stefanie continues: “You have to know a little bit about everything, but you also have to be willing to learn.”

“Furthermore, you have to be able to figure things out for yourself. For example, when I’m testing a website, I have to get to know the workings of this site by myself. The same thing goes when I’m writing a manual, I have to be able to work independently.”

Why does Stefanie love working for AUSY? “On the website, I saw some of the clients AUSY works for. I was immediately enthusiastic!”

Training to be project manager

Stefanie: “I also get many opportunities to grow. At the moment, I’m following a training to become project manager via AUSY. We work together in small groups, but we also receive individual assignments. The training teaches us what the obstacles are and how to deal with clients.”

Does Stefanie dream of being project manager in the long run? “Yes! I think that would be a great step forward in my career. Even though I’ve noticed that I also really love making analyses. Luckily, I’ve still got some time to decide what my next step will be.”

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