AUSY Builder: efficient in time & cost!

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How do you quickly build a Drupal site in a cost-efficient way, while ensuring it’s also extremely user-friendly for webmasters? We made it our mission to find an answer to this question.

Doesn’t Drupal already allow webmasters to work quickly, easily and efficiently? No doubt! But there’s always room for improvement – and we don’t like standing still. 

Not all webmasters are technically proficient. They often have to perform well under strict deadlines, producing attractive pages as quickly as possible while adhering to both the corporate style and visitors’ needs. 

We want webmasters to be able to see previews of web pages immediately, without constantly needing to switch between back- and front-end views. We also want a custom tool, so there’s no need to start tinkering with HTML code, for example, if something doesn’t fully match the corporate style or other specific requirements. And if improved ease of use means webmasters can work faster, this obviously leads to considerable cost savings for building and maintaining your site. Win-win!

In other words: what did we need? A WYSIWYG environment, which allows webmasters to focus on page design – and nothing more. And so the AUSY Builder was born.

The wet dream of every webmaster? A CMS that runs smoothly - for real.

AUSY drag & drop editor: the best of both worlds

Ease and custom functionality. It’s essential to maintain a balance between these two features. And that’s exactly what our AUSY Builder does!

The AUSY Builder is a custom Drupal drag & drop editor

Screenshot of AUSY Builder

Drag & drop is a familiar concept in modern web development. An editor allows web administrators to build web pages easily by creating content, and then dragging and dropping it in the desired place. 

In other words: simplicity itself!

And because every AUSY Builder is custom-made, it’s easy to stick to your website’s corporate style and layout. 

Freedom to move things around and make modifications is equally guaranteed, as is technical performance. Because our entire Drupal team will ensure that your site continues to satisfy all the technical requirements your large organisation needs.

Want a demo?

We’ll be happy to show you how a drag & drop editor like this works in practice. Contact us or leave your contact details and we’ll make an appointment as soon as possible!

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Mathias Henderick

Business Director IT
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