Tech & touch: understanding candidates in a refreshing way


What blowing virtual balloons reveals about a person

On the basis of seemingly simple games, Pymetrics allows you to gain insight into the personality of candidates. For example, one of the games is about blowing up balloons (without them snapping) using mouse clicks. There are several strategies for a successful completion of the task, such as fast clicking or focussing on a particular colour. Every decision is meaningful. These decisions are analysed through the game series and forty personality traits are measured, so that patterns become apparent and the top candidates surface.


Time efficient and objective

Although for AUSY, a Randstad company the 'touch' – the personal bond with clients and candidates – remains crucial, the combination with 'tech' provides a lot of benefits. A game like Pymetrics is particularly time efficient. The whole process takes up to 20 minutes maximum, after which the interested may venture in bonus games. In addition, the games differ from what candidates are used to. That is why the participants are not conscious of what is measured or assessed – desirable answers are not an option! – and recruiters get an objective picture. That picture can be further substantiated by comparing with reference groups. Finally, there is a great added value in the fact that anyone can get started with games like Pymetrics, without having to move.


Pymetrics translated to the Belgian market

AUSY, a Randstad company innovates constantly. The Randstad Innovation Fund invests in start-ups and other companies, and launches pilots to test their added value. In that context AUSY, a Randstad company Finance got acquainted with the innovative Pymetrics-concept, which, for example at a number of multinationals in the U.S., became a standard part of therecruitment process. The initial product, that was very American oriented, could not simply be transplanted in the Belgian market, but after some strategic adjustments Pymetrics grew into a success within the Finance department.

The concept can be used more widely. Adding the 'tech'-element to the recruitment process in all sectors leads to additional personality insights from which any party may benefit. The goal? It is and remains the perfect match between client and candidate.

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