RPA: the technology that will change the face of Accountancy


Huge time saving by robotization

The Finance Department of the Randstad Holding already applies RPA today. David Vandevelde, Business Manager Finance, experiences the advantages: "Thanks to RPA we can automate a large part of the common actions and processes that employees perform on a computer. This is a major time saver, especially if you know that such a system can run 24 hours a day and does not need control. While the RPA system runs the common processes, our employees focus on other, non-recurring tasks."


A shift of tasks

To implement RPA you do not only need perfectly documented processes, but you must also frame such an introduction correctly to the personnel. David Vandevelde: "A lot of people fear that such a system will take over all of their work, but that is not true. RPA makes time for tasks that have a greater added value for a Finance Department. There are quite a few reports where Finance employees often do not find the time to work on today, but that are very useful for a company. You cannot just automate such reports, because human insight is needed. By focusing more on that kind of work, Finance-people evolve to real Business Partners."


Opt for RPA

A successful introduction of RPA depends on several factors. "As a company, you have to first examine whether you have sufficient volume or that a higher need for quality improvement is apparent to justify RPA", explains David Vandevelde. "The rule is: the larger the volume, the greater the amount of time saving will be realized. The more compliant and business critical actions you can automate, the more interesting RPA can be for your business.

For international companies active in different time zones RPA surely is very interesting: such a system is not restricted to a particular area and can basically run continuously."


An evolution, not a revolution

According to David Vandevelde robotization will ensure shifts in the profile of the ideal Business Analyst. "The importance of human insights will only get bigger. Companies will need financial profiles in the future that are particularly able to acquire knowledge the smart way and translate this to the business. Also in other departments that implement RPA you will see similar shifts. Please note: this is an evolution, not a revolution. A number of occupations will indeed disappear, and others will change very strongly, but enterprises will always need people who create added value."

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