The evolution of the remote digital banker

Are you already making payments with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, or via a Google bank or mobile pay provider like Apple Pay, Payconic or Android Pay? Even if you’re not, you’re probably already familiar with these terms. Banks haven’t had it easy over recent years. After the damage they suffered to their reputation in 2008, they’re again being confronted with lightning-fast disruption in the sector. New technologies are after all forcing banks to deal with added competition, and in a worst case scenario they may even become surplus to requirements.

The financial sector in a pioneering role

Big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are all partly responsible for shaking up the financial sector over recent years. And FinTech start-ups are now spreading like wildfire as a result. But the banks aren’t giving up without a fight, and are jumping on board to safeguard their future in a changing world.

The bank of the future is emerging, and it demands a new profile. The challenges in terms of personnel are immense, and we at AUSY are providing banks with the expert help they need.

Customer relations (r)evolution

Can you remember the last time you went into the bank to arrange a transfer? It was probably quite a long time ago. We also expect to be able to arrange other services online these days.

They way in which banks communicate with customers has also changed dramatically over recent years. A good customer experience is essential both online and offline. Customers expect fast and relevant advice at all times of day and night. Reorganisation is urgently required to satisfy this changing customer experience in a qualitative way.

The 3D banker

Remote banking now runs largely via high-tech professional contact centres. Even though we as the customer rarely go knocking on ‘our’ bank manger’s door anymore, contact centres are available to us from very early in the morning until very late at night.

These centres are manned by so-called 3D bankers: well-trained and talented advisers with a very strong customer focus who are employed flexibly. The 3D banker is familiar with all the latest technologies and is always thinking together with us.

Physical banks have been reinvented and given extra added value. They have become an extension of the business customer’s boardroom, and somewhere that private individuals can go for the right advice in a world of constantly changing financial services. So you need 3D bankers here as well, to offer proactive solutions for both.

The ideal time to get on board

The damage that banks suffered to their image following the financial crisis in 2008 seems to be gradually improving as they have clearly listened to their customers. The fact that they’re constantly expanding their portfolios and services, and have become much more accessible doesn’t just benefit us, however; it’s also good for the new wave of employees. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

We strongly believe that now is the ideal moment to step into the banking sector as an employee: joining a sector in full evolution, with all sorts of opportunities. Banks are investing heavily in training new employees, and offering lots of short-term possibilities for career progression. As a partner to a large number of leading banks, we have an exceptionally wide range of jobs on offer for 3D bankers.

Wanted: ‘atypical’ profiles

Graduates with bachelor’s or master’s degree in a non-economic or financial discipline are also keenly sought after. Intrinsic skills such as customer focus, flexibility, commercialism and solution-oriented thinking have after all become much more important. Our recruiters are so familiar with the profiles that banks need that they can still always find the rare breeds.

Does a job as a 3D banker appeal to you? Or are you also looking for profiles like this? Then please contact Evelien Blondé ( of 02 474 60 06). She and her team will be happy to help you!

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