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What do cooking and recruiting have in common?

It's a bad idea to hire tomatoes and to roast applicants. But there is 1 specific quality that's useful in both cooking and recruiting. Which quality is that? Let's aks foodie and recruiter Eveline!

Here's the second movie out of a set of 4: 4 movies and related articles will give you a little peak in the lives of 4 co-workers. How come they match AUSY like Oreo cookies and a glass of milk, like bacon and eggs or like a jar of Nutella and a spoon?

Part 2: get to know recruiter Eveline, whose homemade lunch and ability to think outside the box make all of her colleagues jealous.

It's true: during lunch, everyone's always curious about what's on Eveline's plate. A plain sandwich can't compare to her leftover vegetable lasagna or paneer tikka masala.

Making pizza dough out of cauliflower, putting her own broccoli crackers in the oven or fermenting vegetables: she doesn't miss a single food trend. Of course, things don't always go well in the kitchen. But instead of just being frustrated and getting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, she tries to come up with alternatives.

She has the same attitude at the office: when her schedule gets thrown off, she proves to be very adaptable. And this turns out to be an indispensable trait for a recruiter.

How did you get so comfortable with this out of the box thinking?

Eveline: "If you ask me, every former scoutmaster is better than anyone in coming up with new ideas and being adaptable. It involves working with children, and we all know that they are unpredictable. You never know what could happen."

"Unfortunately, also the weather can interfere. For example, during camp, we were all ready to play an outside game that we invented. Suddenly, it started to rain. Then it's important to come up with another game quickly. But actually, these kinds of situations don't make me feel uncomfortable."

"At a later age, I started experimenting with food. In doing so, failing from time to time is normal, but that doesn't matter to me anymore."


Eveline in de keuken

It's great that you can keep your cool! Being so adaptable will probably be of use when working as a recruiter.

"Yes, indeed. Cooking and being a scoutmaster is quite similar to recruiting. When a client emails me a new request, it's all hands on deck, no matter how well I planned my day. I then have to find other ways to finish my schedule."

The slogan used in the campaign is: 'AUSY, it's you'. What does that mean to you?

"Being motivated and ambitious. Everyone pursues it in his or her own way. Of course, everyone has to relax from time to time. I can be very concentrated and do my very best to achieve goals, but during a team event, I also love to chat and raise our glasses. By the way, this collegiality defines AUSY too."


Eveline in de keuken

Your movie quotes: 'Don't worry, I have an alphabet of plans'. Could you explain that a little more?

"I constantly reinvent myself. If you keep holding on to certain habits, you will get stuck eventually in this sector. I keep asking myself how I can handle things differently and better."

"People have a way of handling things quickly, but that's not always the best approach. Thinking quietly and constructive help you to come up with new insights.  And unlike of what you might be thinking, these ideas don't have to be super crazy or inventive. Common sense will get you a long way!"

Good to know

Meanwhile, Eveline has been busy building her career at AUSY. She became MSP Officer: “It’s a very diverse job - I love it! I work with different stakeholders, and I manage those parties as well. I suggest optimizations for certain processes and apply them in the real world. Or I analyze and solve problems. Furthermore, I always keep up with the many changes in the IT sector!”


Now it's your turn!

Do you have what it takes to be part of #teamAUSY? Great! Take a look at our job offers and start a new challenge!

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