Technical design center: projects, trainings, tests and help desk


In contact with AUSY, a Randstad company thanks to outplacement

Wouter Daveloose came at AUSY, a Randstad company after a collective dismissal at Bombardier Transportation, where he worked for years as a mechanical designer. "I got the chance to be accompanied in outplacement at RiseSmart, a subsidiary of AUSY, a Randstad company. Then I took some tests and had an interview with the people of AUSY, a Randstad company. There was a lot of room for personal input: Eveline listened to my wishes and informed extensively on which direction I wanted to take. In combination with the tests she got a clear picture of my qualities, strengths and work points. On this basis, I got a package with job offers and I could specify what interested me. At no point AUSY, a Randstad company pushed me in the direction of a particular vacancy that needed to be filled in quickly – they really worked towards a candidate oriented solution, not towards the job offers."


The drawing office as a centre for targeted training

The tests Wouter Daveloose took in the Technical Design Center, assess his general technical knowledge, his knowledge of the applicable standards and (reading of) technical drawings, but also of his mastery of the drawing package with which he had experience. Wouter turned out to have a lot of potential and got a job offer at TE Connectivity. Before he started, he enjoyed training, also in the Technical Design Center.

Wouter: "I got my training by Johan Provoost, the project leader of the Technical Design Center who has tons of experience in all drawing packages. He made me switch easily from CATIA to Creo. The Technical Design Center of AUSY, a Randstad company is a huge asset – I also had contact with other offices and nowhere else I have come across something similar."

"One of the great strengths of the Technical Design Center is that we are very focused on training. I know the client for whom Wouter would work; I know how they draw and what they expect. I could pass that information to Wouter immediately, so he was prepared to the maximum for the project for which he would be deployed." - Johan Provoost.


The four pillars

Johan Provoost explains that the Technical Design Center has many more features than submitting applicants to technical, theoretical, mechanical drawing tests and training consultants (either to work at clients, or in the drawing office). "The Center is a supporting department for project sourcing", explains Johan. "The main task of the Technical Design Center is actually the execution of short, clearly defined projects for specific clients, but we also form a help desk for our employees who are working externally at clients. They can always contact us for technical issues or questions about a drawing program. In short, the four pillars of our Technical Design Center are: execution of projects, giving training, testing of applicants, and fulfil the role of help desk – all of this in support of project sourcing."

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