How does project manager Kevin get the fire started?

It's time to introduce some of our colleagues! The next 4 weeks, 4 movies and related articles will give you a little peak in the lives of 4 co-workers. How come they match AUSY like Oreo cookies and a glass of milk, like bacon and eggs or like a jar of Nutella and a spoon?

Part 1 features project manager Kevin, who would rather spend his weekend in the Ardennes than at the seaside.

Meet Kevin: project manager and a sucker for nature. He enjoys being outside and spending cosy late summer evenings with his friends. Gathering around a crackling campfire to chat, eat and drink together is all it takes for a perfect evening.

At work, he knows how to get the fire started as well - figuratively speaking. The idea of being a supervisor probably scares the hell out of some people. But Kevin seems to be born for it!

Do you consider yourself a natural leader?

Kevin: "I believe that, for the most part, leadership is innate. Of course, it's possible to develop this skill over the years. I did so thanks to acting. I'm on stage since I was 6 years old. I'm used for people to look at me. When I find myself in a stressful situation, where all eyes are on me, I don't panic. It helps me to look confident and have a certain authority."


Kevin en collega's

"When I was 18 years old, I joined Sojo, a local youth activity center, as the vice-president. Later, I became the president. I definitely got to use my leadership skills: I established a staffing policy and managed employees."

It helped you in building your future career.

"Definitely. In a lot of my jobs, I acted as a leader in one way or another. Today, I'm working at AUSY as a project manager. Leadership skills are needed!"

"When I was the president of the local youth center, it became clear to me that motivating a team is a very important task of a leader. When people understand why something needs to be done, their willingness to give 100% will increase."

"As a leader, I also value a good sense of humor. Stressful situations will always come up, but I believe that humor can take the edge off. Never underestimate the power of a motivated team that's striving to meet a deadline."


Kevin aan het vuur

The slogan used in the campaign is: 'AUSY, it's you'. What does that mean to you?

"Most of the times, things go well. But setbacks cannot be avoided.  Even then, you must have the courage and passion to keep going. This attitude defines AUSY, but cannot be taught. You either have it or you don't."

Your movie quotes: 'Passion, oxygen and a magic spark is all you need to start the fire within'. Could you explain that a little more?

Passion is contagious. Your team will get as excited as you are as soon as they notice that you genuinely believe what you are saying. However, catching our breath after meeting a deadline is essential. We regularly organize a team building. It's the perfect way to encourage team spirit. Oh boy, it's hard to be a project manager ;-)"


Next week: foodie and recruiter Eveline explains how being a girl scout taught her to deal with unexpected situations.

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