Fabio gets his work and private life going in his way!

A busy job, a toddler and a household? Now, that requires quite some organizational skills!  Moreover, Fabio isn't a homebody at all. So you get why we absolutely want to talk to him about his time management skills, right?

Here's the third movie out of a set of 4: 4 movies and related articles will give you a little peak in the lives of 4 co-workers. How come they match AUSY like Oreo cookies and a glass of milk, like bacon and eggs or like a jar of Nutella and a spoon?

Part 3: delivery manager Fabio, who is attached to his agenda, but as a result succeeds in keeping his life perfectly together.

Were you always such a good planner?

Fabio "I think so, I never really thought about it. Earlier, I already succeeded in combining 3 time-consuming hobbies: playing soccer, playing in a band and being a scout member. I find it hard to stay at home, so that's why it probably never felt like I was doing too much at the same time."

Today, cycling is one of your most important hobbies.

"That's true. It takes a lot of time since I'm not just going for a 10 km ride. I regularly go cycling with my friends, even abroad."

"I make up my schedule at the beginning of the week. I check on which day I can shift my working hours, or on which day I can work from home. The latter saves me a lot of time. Similarly, I make sure I can spend enough pleasant moments with my girlfriend and daughter."


Fabio achter de computer

How do you manage to keep an overview in the office?

"Just as in my personal life, I find it hard just to do 1 thing at work. I am the delivery manager for the department of recruitment and selection in IT. I combine people management with sales and strategic insights."

"I also like taking on a cool project. But I want to make clear that I'm not taking the lead in every project. Sometimes, I just keep a low profile."

"Because of this challenging combination, I'm obliged to be organized. I don't use fancy apps, but just my electronic calendar. Every minute is scheduled precisely, but not necessarily with meetings. Planning everything allows me to keep track of the things I have to do. It also helps me not to bite off more than I can chew."

Fabio op de fiets

The slogan used in the campaign is: 'AUSY, it's you'. What does that mean to you?

"People sometimes say that we share a specific DNA. It's true that we all have the same mentality: we're always trying to find out how we can do things even better and how we can keep growing."

"It's hard to put my finger on it. But we're all close friends, so this boosts our drive even more."

Your movie quotes: 'I have my own ways to push projects forward'. Could you explain that a little more?

"Onward and upward! If you genuinely believe in something, you have to keep fighting and never give up. To me, this implies that I have to be interested in a project. If I'm not interested, it's hard to keep going for it."

"I learned to say 'no' sometimes, or try not to get involved in everything.  I define to what kind of tasks and projects I devote my time. And that's working out perfectly for me.


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