AUSY as partner for a great career


Does IT make your heart beat faster? Or would you rather succeed in engineering or commit to a career in life sciences? Is it your goal to become a sales & marketing expert? Do you want to dazzle the HR sector with your talent? Or maybe you dream of a career in finance?

If you specialise in one of these sectors, we are here to help you build your career. You can choose to work in fixed employment for one of our clients, to work for us on a project basis or to build a freelance career.

We are looking for bright people with pluck and strong personalities who know how to show their expertise. Enthusiastic team players who get results and push the boundaries until they are out of sight.

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Stiff challenges for the right talents

We do more than just match you to a company where you can achieve your ambitions. We also want to develop a good relationship with you. 

This is important to us because we create added value through our people-oriented approach. 

This means that we will be paying close attention to your every word. Yes, we will be trying to gauge your expertise. We want to know what you have achieved professionally so far and what you still want to achieve. But we also want to get to know you well as a person.

Because this is every bit as important in helping us to match you with a company where you will feel completely at home. We want you to develop your career in an environment that makes you happy.

We strive for your personal growth

It may sound a bit cliché, but your talent really is the basis of our success. We want to be able to develop this talent to the maximum, by giving you the right challenges and helping you to grow through training and personal coaching. We would like you to see AUSY as a partner in developing your career and ambitions, rather than as a traditional employer.

Open culture with amazing team events

Naturally, our personal approach goes hand in hand with an accessible and informal company culture. There is room for camaraderie among our employees, which is expressed in a variety of ways.

We did a bouncy castle race during the Hercules Trophy, laughed until the tears rolled down our cheeks at a private show by comedian Lukas Lelie and organised an outing to Walibi for all our employees and their families on our Family Day. There’s something for everyone!

Internal vacancies with #teamAUSY

We believe in having fun while doing what we do – do you identify with this? Then you’re sure to feel at home as part of our internal team! We’re always looking for great colleagues in HR, Sales, Finance and more.