Our values


A will to win, the guts to score

Coming up with new ideas? We love it! Taking calculated risks? We dare! Whether we need to pull or push, stand or fall: we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve the best result. We’ve got the guts to score. Even more than Messi.


Insert your favourite swear word and repeat it 8 times

We’re all well-educated people here! We value the relationships we actively develop with clients, candidates and colleagues. R.E.S.P.E.C.T, including bucket loads of expertise which we’re only too happy to share to exceed all expectations.

Team work

Not your average American cheerleader

Building human pyramids isn’t the pinnacle of collaboration for us. It’s all about achieving the most ambitious goals together, as a team. How do we do this? By sharing our expertise and helping each other. By appreciating each other and turning every day into a celebration. Go team!


Happiness on steroids

What do you get if you cross infectious enthusiasm with eternal passion and a large dose of humour? A very enjoyable working environment that’s the perfect breeding ground for the very best ideas. (And stupid jokes, of course.)


Seth sat in the sun singing silly songs

Are you doing your very best to say this tongue-twister at least ten times in a row? That will to succeed; we have that too. We push our limits and always want to improve. We don’t have problems; just innovative solutions.